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Storyteller Storage Solution

Sprinter Storyteller Storage Solution…and yes it can store your toilet! This system was developed on our slide-out tray to make more convenient storage.  The upper tray can provide quick convenient access to stored goods while in the galley or for relocating your toilet out of the shower basin for more convenient access.  Yes, no more having to lift up the shower pan lid at night and then put that system back to together...just hop out of bed, slide the potty out, take care of business, and back into bed.

What’s included in this kit?

  • 19”x58” Shuksan Slide-out Tray w/ 52” HD-450lb  slides
  • Shuksan Storage Solution w/ slide-out 17”x17.5” tray riding on 16” HD-450lb slides
  • (6) L-track Studs
  • Liner for upper drawer

***NOTE*** This system requires our Shuksan Legless Bed Support System( or the DIY Version to work

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