It just fits

There are a few things we know, one of them is that no one likes starting off an awesome road trip in their Sprinter Van with a head wound. We know this partially from experience and partially from common sense.  This is the kind of knowledge we put into developing our line of Sprinter Van upfitting essentials. Take our overhead cab shelf, for example. That beauty has the most perfect radius' formed into it so that it not only fits snugly into the van’s existing structure, but is also aesthetically pleasing, and softens the blow when a roadtripper forget's that their not on the beach but in the van.  There’s no head wound happening when you step into this van if our shelf is installed.

Lack of head wounds aside, this shelf truly offers additional storage by maintaining the standard visor shelves function.  At 10" from shelf to ceiling with an opening of 7", the storage shelf is a perfect place to stow away anything from window covers to blankets to jackets on your next road trip.

And when we say easy installation, we mean it. No Ikea type instructions (or tantrums) needed for this shelf.  It smartly integrates with the factory hook fastener and handle fasteners above the driver and passenger side seatbelts.  Simply remove the hook, the star fastener below, the few star fasteners in the factory handle/shelf, move shelf into place, and return fasteners to their factory locations and high-five your help for a job well done!

Check out the overhead cab shelf for Sprinter Vans made by Shuksan Upfitting.

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