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RockyMounts DropTop

Following on the footsteps of our DriveShaft HM and Track we saw and opportunity to improve upon a tried and true design. Introducing the DropTop; our next locking fork mount that grows upon years of feedback and use. The DropTop utilizes a TPU overmolded shim to allow for both 12mm and 15mm axles to fit without the need for switching shims out. It is based upon the same clamshell design as the DriveShaft series, which allows for easy loading and adapts to minor differences in axle diameter or contouring. The DropTop also includes mounting holes for both horizontal and vertical mounting orientations, so it replaces both the DriveShaft HM and DriveShaft Track Mounts.

      • Convenient use of fork mount with our Shuksan L-track Fork Mount Plate (L-track Fork Mount Adapter Plate)  
      • The only locking thru-axle track mount for truck and van tracks
      • Compatible with 12mm, 15mm, & 20mm thru axles up to 110mm wide (for 20mm, shims must be removed)
      • vertical and horizontal mounting positions
      • TPU overmolded shim eliminates the need to switch out shims for 12mm or 15mm axles
      • Anti-Theft: TPU surface provides sufficient friction to stop the axle from being removed when DropTop is firmly clamped and locked
      • Can fit QR bikes with our 9mm QR with Dummy Axle - sold separately
      • Wide mouth opening to easily load your bike and a locking T-Bolt that adjusts for a tighter hold so the thru-axle cannot be removed when locked
      • Carries 1 bike, up to 45 lbs
      • Lock core, keys, and Track Hardware Included

Fitment Note: Due to the nature of the DropTop clamp not bracing the fork legs outward, there will be play when used with Mavic Speed Release and Specialized 12mm forks with an oversized non threaded fork leg. For those instances, please use a HotRod instead

Fitment Note: DropTop is NOT compatiblle with Lefty fork mount from Cannondale. RockyMounts does not have a compatible mount for Lefty at this time. 

Click Here For The DropTop Instruction Manual

Click Here For The Fork Mount Dimension Chart

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